Goditi di chiamate qualitative e messaggi verso numeri di cellulare e fissi per mezzo di Yoloo verso 2G, 3G, 4G – tutto "G" o WiFi*. Si, Yoloo è una delle molteplici applicazioni destinate alle chiamate, tuttavia restando la più economa e siamo seri quando parliamo di qualità.

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Tariffe Yoloo

    Inserisci semplicemente il nome dello stato e i nostri motori di ricerca troveranno la tariffa più conveniente.

    O, si sei cosmonauta corraggioso, premi il bottone qui sotto e vediamo che cosa va succedere.

    Sono corraggioso!


    Si tu, come noi, hai un atteggiamento serio in quanto riguarda l’efficacia delle tue spese, usa l’opportunità di Yoloo, la nostra applicazione potrà ridurre le tue spese telefoniche Interstellare Connessione internazionale a mezzo prezzo. E questo non è tutto! Scopri almeno quattro ragioni importanti per provare Yoloo in azione:

    • Qualità a buon prezzo

      Garanzia dei migliori prezzi per chiamate mobili e fissi internazionali

    • In condizioni di sicurezza totale

      Tutte le chiamate telefoniche all’interno dell’applicazione sono protette dal codice ZRTP, in maniera che gli utenti Yoloo possono comunicare en chat, senza rischio di intercettazione telefonica o furto d’informazione personale

    • Qualità HD proprio in connssione 3G

      Ottieni proprio oggi la migliore qualità per Opus — l’insuperabile codice per il lingaggio interattivo

    • Viva batteria!

      Perché portare con te il pesante Power Bank si la nostra applicazione utilizza economicamente la batteria del telefono? Il caricatore della batteria non ti servirà più!


    Non importa in che parte dell’Universo è la tua famiglia o i tuoi amici, Yoloo sceglie il metodo adeguato per telefonarli. I nuovi Smartphone, i vecchi cellulari con tasti, o proprio i telefoni con disco rotante, questo non è importante per Yoloo, tu potrai sempre chiamarli al telefono!

    Consultare i prezzi


    Yoloo è stato concepito in scopi esclusivi di telefonare all’estero in voce HD. Yoloo è creato in base di un SIP-SDC complesso e utilizza il codice SDK, chi è insuperabile quando si tratta del trasferimento del linguaggio interattivo via Internet e chi è dotato di suoni stereofonici dalle note più elevate a quelle più basse, mantenendo sempre la qualità superiore della chiamata.


    • Scarica Yoloo proprio adesso!

      L’applicazione Yoloo mobile è disponibile per i dispositivi Android e iOS. Vai all’AppStore e GooglePlay per l’ottenere gratuitamente!

    • Ottieni il bonus!

      Nel moemnto della tua iscrizione, ottieni un bonus sul tuo conto attivo di Yoloo. Questo bonus contiene circa 30 minuti di chiamate in voce HD verso Germania e Italia!

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    Yoloo support

    Getting Started

    What is Yoloo?

    No stickers, smilies or file transfers. Just HD calling and messaging!

    Yoloo is an app that enables cost efficiency aficionados with ultimate low rate calling. It was designed with one thing in mind — deliver international calls in HD quality CHEAP!. Anyone can enjoy Yoloo HD quality calling and messaging planetwide over 2G, 3G, 4G, anyG or WiFi*.

    Brand new smartphones, good old keybord phones or even rotary phones — it's not important with Yoloo — you can reach it in one tap.

    * Mobile Data charges may apply. Check with your data plan provider for details.

    What are Yoloo’s best features?

    — Cheap yet viable

    Best rates for international mobile and landline calls guaranteed

    — HD quality even over 3G connection

    Get the best quality world knows today with Opus — the unmatched codec for interactive speech

    — Long Live the Battery!

    Why carrying a PowerBank when our gr8 SIP stack is maximum battery friendly, so you won’t need a charger 24/7!

    How to become a Yoloo user?

    Anyone who would like to become a Yoloo user has 2 simple options to achieve it: download the app for free on App Store or Google Market, or by means of Yoloo web page which would also bring you to the stores, actually J

    Using the stores:

    Download Yoloo Mobile from App Store or Google Play — It will ask you for your phone number — enter it — Yoloo will send an SMS with an auth code to the indicated number — Check your messages for the code and enter it to Yoloo

    To finalise the registration, Yoloo will ask you for your name and email — this is totally optional and you can skip it, however, this information is usefull for communication personalisation the between you and Yoloo. We will not share your personal info with anyone, this is cast in concrete!

    Using the site:

    Click «Sign in» in the top right corner — The wizard will pop up and ask you for your phone number — enter it — Yoloo will send an SMS with an auth code to the indicated number — Use it to confirm that you are you — If you are new to Yoloo, the site will show you the download QR codes and it will also send you an SMS with the direct link to the store — If you’re a registered Yoloo user, you will be redirected to your Dashboard

    Calling Questions

    Is it expensive to call with Yoloo?

    Three times NO!

    Yoloo is an app among the others, yet it's the most cost-effective one. Yoloo rates vary depending on the destination of the call, so the call cost will vary as well, but you can be sure, that for most destinations it will be lower then any other popular app can offer.

    You can check the full list of Yoloo rates here OR you can check directly from the app:

    With Yoloo keypad dial the number you wish to call — it will show you the rate on the fly — Tap Coins and Balance in the top left corner — the Profile Page will open — Enter the number you wish to call in to the search box and it will show you the complete information about that destination (hint: you can place a call right from the search box!).

    How to call with Yoloo?

    Open Yoloo (pretty simple, hah?) — GO TO Contacts tab — Select the contact you’d like to call (hint: you can use search to find the needed contact quicker) — Choose calling either texting by tapping on the selected contact.

    One other way to call using Yoloo would be dialing by means of the keypad.

    Just one thing you have know to be a successful caller: When calling abroad the number has to be dialed in international format: (+) or (00) (country code) (area code without leading zeros) (telephone number) so the number sould look something like this +44 20 34112733.

    If the number you’re trying to reach is in your phonebook and is a registered Yoloo user, it will place an onnet i.e. free call, otherwise it will place an offnet call.

    If your balance is close to $0, in some cases, you will not be able to make calls. If such, ust top up your balance and you're back on track!

    Once in a blue moon something goes wrong with Yoloo connectivity and you can’t make calls. To help us solve such issues, open a support request via Yoloo web site support area or in the app itself. We will do everything to sort things out for you.

    Where can I find my call history?

    In Yoloo app:

    All your calls and chats are grouped by contact or phone number in your History tab.

    On Yoloo web page:

    If you need expanded information about your activity, you can Sign in< to Yoloo web page, navigate to Call history and get detailed information about the time of call, duration, called number and the call cost.

    This section is organised in the same manner as Payment history page: you can set time frames, surf through history, sort data etc.

    Payment Questions

    What is Yoloo balance?

    A simple Sign up with Yoloo will fetch you half dollar for free on the house. This welcome bonus would be something like 30 minutes of HD quality conversation time with Germany or Italy, so that to see Yoloo in action immediately.

    All onnet calls are absolutely free of charge. And as for the offnet ones there is Yoloo balance, enabling the users to call whomever they desire to, with the assumption that the called person does not benefit of using Yoloo (yet:)) or in case the called person has nothing but a rotary dial phone.

    When it is over and the balance gets close to $0 you can top your Yoloo balance using PayPal or a bank card without any extra charges - get $1 for $1. Each time you’re making a call a certain amount, according to your call’s duration and called destination rate per minute is deducted from your balance.

    How to top up Yoloo balance?

    Within the app:

    Access the Profile Page (Coins and Balance are in the top left corner) — Tap the big coral «Top up your credit» button — Select the amount that you would like to top up with (max $25) — Select the payment method which suits you most — PayPal or direct top up from your bank card — Follow the selected payment method wizard.

    The balance can be also topped up on Yoloo web site:

    Log in to your Yoloo Dashboard — Click< «Get Credit» — Select the payment method which suits you most — PayPal or direct top up from your bank card — Select between $ (1), (5) and (10) predefined top up amounts — Follow the selected payment method wizard.

    How can I find my payment history?

    The easiest way is to check within your Yoloo app:

    Open Yoloo (easy as pie!) — Access your Profile Page by tapping Coins and Balance in the app top left corner — Next to Yoloo balance there’s «Payment history» link — Tap it! — You will see a page with 3 tabs, where all your payments are grouped by week, month or the whole pack of them. Feel free to explore!

    But if you’re not looking for easy ways, you can also check your payments at Yoloo web page:

    Log in to your Yoloo Dashboard — In the left menu click Payment history where you can either surf the history or set a particular time frame just for the items which would be of interest to you.

    What happens to my account/balance if reinstall Yoloo or whether I choose to use another phone?

    Nothing at all.

    Your Yoloo balance is linked to your phone number so as long as you own it, you can access your balance anytime. Yet there is an important thing to keep in mind: the account/balance would only void in case of inactivity within a year.

    Tariffe Yoloo

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